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Steve Margetts
Principal at Torquay Academy

Kieran has helped me tackle some challenging situations over the course of this year. They have ranged from personal leadership decisions to gaining a better understanding of how to take the school forward. 

I have particularly enjoyed being held to account and challenged; agreed targets and actions are reviewed prior to meeting again. I believe this is a particular strength of the sessions.  

I know that I am a better leader and the school is in a better place as a result of me spending time with Kieran. My senior team feels the same way; we’re all looking forward to further sessions to support our thinking and decision making.

Liz Free
Director at International School Rheintal, Switzerland


In 2020 I started my first CEO position. Kieran supported me as an executive coach as I progressed through my first year in the role. He created a safe space where he would mirror back to me and ask thought provoking and challenging questions that helped me to prioritise my activity and time, and also to clarify my thinking in the midst of significant change in my school.

Leading a school community, can be a lonely place at times. With Kieran’s experience, having walked the walk himself leading schools alongside his executive coaching credentials, he is a trusted, knowledgeable, supportive and much-needed professional sounding board.


His time and expertise was instrumental in my progress for my first year and in defining the pathway ahead. 

Jade Scott 
Founder & owner of The Social Planner

Jade Scott.jpeg

It was important for me to find a business coach who shared the same values as me but I didn’t think I would find one who embodied so many and added more. 


Kieran took the time to understand me as a person and in doing so understood how best to coach me going forward.


Having used business coaches before, I often felt like I was another hour in their diary but with Kieran he is invested in me as a person and as a champion of my business.


I leave our sessions invigorated and motivated and with even more passion for what I’m doing.

Find yourself a coach whose eyes light up when you’re talking - I have.

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