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Why would I need a Coach?

If you are looking for expert support and a thinking space with a trained professional who has no agenda other than you.

What should I be looking for?

Someone you feel you will come to trust. As an experienced, accredited coach, I am actively engaged in professional development and supervision. I believe coaching will unleash your unique genius, sense of purpose and control.

What can I expect?

I believe you already have the potential to unlock your own solutions to challenges. With deep listening, structured conversation and intuitive challenge, I understand that the conversation is never about me. Listening without judgement or assumption, I will ask focused questions that enable you to access your resources and choices. 

What does it cost ?

The first conversation is free. During this we will explore your expectations, your preferred ways of working and see if we're a good "fit" to start a coaching assignment. 

A one-off session (up to 90 minutes) is £150 including reflection notes. Longer assignments (the most common are sequences of three or six) can be negotiated to include inter-sessional contact / support and accountability partnership.

How will I know it's good value?

Investing in yourself now and subsequent insights will pay dividends throughout your career.


At an organisational level -  “The greatest influencers of an organization’s culture are its leaders ...studies by the Hay Group and others show that leadership behaviour affects bottom-line performance by up to 30 percent.” (Sir John Whitmore)

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